Duration: 8 Days


Experience an extraordinary tourism program in Istanbul, Sapanca, Bursa, and Sile for 8 unforgettable days, all at an affordable price. Explore the breathtaking tourist attractions and historical landmarks with our daily guided tours. Indulge in a luxurious hotel stay and enjoy the convenience of a dedicated 24/7 follow-up team to assist you throughout your journey. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover the beauty and heritage of these remarkable destinations.

Upon your arrival at the airport, our dedicated representative will warmly welcome you and accompany you to your hotel in a private car. After checking in and settling down, you will have free time to explore and familiarize yourself with the surrounding area at your leisure (without scheduled tours).

Embark on a delightful journey as we begin our day with a hearty breakfast before heading to Sapanca Lake, located on the Asian side of Istanbul. Marvel at the picturesque views of the lake upon arrival, and perhaps take a leisurely stagecoach ride to fully immerse in the serene ambiance. Next, we visit the Masukiye waterfalls and the Mahmudiyah forests, where you can bask in the natural beauty of the countryside.

Our adventure continues as we make our way to the country park in Sapanca, where you’ll have free time to indulge in various activities such as motorbiking and games. For the thrill-seekers, a visit to Mount Kartepe is a must, where you can take a cable car to the summit and enjoy panoramic vistas. Before we head back to Istanbul, take a leisurely stroll around the area to soak in the surroundings.

With unforgettable memories and experiences, we return to our hotel in Istanbul, marking the end of a day filled with scenic wonders and exciting adventures.

Join us on an awe-inspiring adventure as we begin our day with a sumptuous breakfast before setting off to Bursa by car and sea ferry. Upon arrival, we embark on an unforgettable experience by taking the longest cable car in the world to the summit of Mount Uludag. Marvel at the breathtaking nature and snow-covered landscapes as we ascend to the heights, and indulge in various activities in this picturesque setting.

After descending from the mountain, we enjoy a delicious meal and continue our journey by visiting the renowned perennial tree, a fascinating natural wonder. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this ancient tree that has stood the test of time. As the day draws to a close, we make our way back to Istanbul, filled with cherished memories of an unforgettable day spent in the majestic landscapes of Bursa.


Join us for a day of ultimate relaxation and natural beauty as we start our journey with a scrumptious breakfast before boarding the express ferry boat to Yalova. Upon arrival, indulge in the soothing hot sulfur water renowned for its therapeutic properties. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience and let your worries melt away.

Next, we explore the landmarks of the city, taking in its rich history and culture. We then proceed to Sudusen waterfall, one of the region’s most beautiful waterfalls. Spend some time in awe of the mesmerizing cascade, capturing the picturesque scenery and rejuvenating your senses.

As the day comes to a close, we make our way back to Istanbul, filled with the tranquility and natural beauty that Yalova has to offer. This day of serenity will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on new adventures with a sense of calm and peace.


Get ready for a day of pure island bliss as we start our adventure with a delectable breakfast before heading to the Princes’ Islands. We travel by car and then board a fast ferry to reach our destination. Upon arrival, you’ll have ample free time to explore the island at your leisure.

With no cars allowed on the island, you can choose to explore by cab, bicycles, or on foot, immersing yourself in the scenic beauty and serene atmosphere of these idyllic islands. Discover charming streets, historic landmarks, and picturesque beaches as you wander through the quaint villages.

After some invigorating exploration, we take a break to enjoy a leisurely lunch, savoring the local cuisine and taking in the stunning island views. Finally, we make our way back to the hotel, leaving behind cherished memories of a day spent in the tranquility and beauty of the Princes’ Islands.


Free time without tours. In the evening, for three hours, you’ll be treated to a luxurious dinner, accompanied by special folk shows and art performances. Marvel at the breathtaking views as the yacht glides along the water, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural heritage of the region through captivating music, dance, and artistry. After an unforgettable experience on board, we’ll make our way back to the hotel, leaving you with cherished memories of a truly memorable evening.


Join us for a day of awe-inspiring natural beauty as we embark on a journey to Sile, Agva, and the Black Sea. After a delicious breakfast, we’ll head to the quaint village of Sile, nestled amidst dense forests, where a hidden lake awaits us. Take in the serenity of nature and enjoy some leisurely time sipping coffee against the picturesque backdrop.

Next, we’ll continue to Agva village for a delightful boat tour on the mesmerizing Goksu River. Cruise along the tranquil waters, surrounded by lush greenery, and take in the scenic beauty all around. We’ll then enjoy a scrumptious lunch by the river’s edge, savoring the local flavors of the region.

Our journey will then take us down to the beach in the Black Sea, where you can relax and soak in the majestic sea view against the backdrop of mountains. The magic of the Black Sea will captivate you with its sheer beauty and serenity. On our way back, we’ll also visit the old seaside lighthouse, adding a touch of history to our adventure.

This day of exploration and immersion in nature’s beauty promises to be a memorable experience, leaving you with cherished memories of the stunning landscapes and serene surroundings of Sile, Agva, and the Black Sea.


As the trip comes to a close, we’ll start the day with a delicious breakfast before checking out from the hotel. Our team will arrange for a private car to take you to the airport, ensuring a smooth departure from this remarkable journey. We hope you’ve enjoyed the most special times during your stay with us, creating lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

The package includes:

  • Direct Flight
  • 7 nights accommodation on bed & breakfast basis
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off with ptivate car
  • Daily trips
  • Tourist Guide

The package doesn’t include:

    • Lunch, dinner, drinks
    • Personal Expenses
    • Tips 
  • 4% cancellation fee charge for notification up to 2 days in advance.
  • 25% cancellation fee charge for notification up to 1 day in advance.
  • 100% cancellation fee charge for notification on the day of the tour.
  • No Show – 100% Cancellation fees.