How to spend your weekend in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv - Yafo - Israel

How to spend your weekend in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is renowned as the city that never sleeps, and for good reason. This bustling metropolis in Israel is packed with exciting activities that you can enjoy 24/7. However, as a traveler seeking to maximize your time in this enchanting city, you may be wondering what exciting events are happening this weekend.

While you may be accustomed to a weekend that spans from Friday to Sunday, the Israeli weekend differs slightly. In Israel, the weekend starts from Thursday night and ends on Saturday night, with Sunday marking the beginning of the workweek for most of the country. This is due to the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat), which takes place from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. During Shabbat, Tel Aviv transforms entirely into a city of leisure and recreation.

If you’re wondering how to spend this upcoming weekend in Tel Aviv, check out our top picks for activities and events.



Thursday night is the ultimate time to experience Tel Aviv’s world-famous nightlife. The city’s compact and level terrain makes it an ideal location to express your fun side by riding a scooter or bike to the club. Tel Aviv boasts the most exceptional bars and clubs in Israel, as well as the finest gay bars. To party like a local, sign up for the Tel Aviv Bar Crawl that operates every weekend. Don’t forget to browse our events page to stay up-to-date on the most in-demand DJs and concerts happening this coming weekend.




In Tel Aviv, the start of the weekend on Fridays is characterized by bustling coffee shops, brunch venues, and outdoor markets teeming with people. Friday presents an ideal opportunity to delve deep into the city’s heart and get acquainted with its local culture. Consider taking the Tel Aviv walking tour, which explores the city’s and Jaffa’s top Friday hotspots, including two of Israel’s most exceptional outdoor markets: the Jaffa Flea Market and the Carmel Food Market. If you have limited time, you can opt to join a specific segment of the tour, which is divided into two-hour portions: the Jaffa and Neve Tzedek Walking Tour, the Tel Aviv Food Tour (Carmel Market), and the Tel Aviv Street Art Tour.

Alternatively, you could use your Friday morning to visit other parts of Israel. Jerusalem is a must-see destination for any trip to Israel, and Friday morning is one of the most thrilling times to visit the Old City of Jerusalem.



Friday night holds a special charm throughout Israel as the country slows down, and in some cities like Jerusalem, nearly comes to a halt. As dusk descends upon Tel Aviv, you’ll observe that many shops and eateries shut down. Israelis often retreat indoors to share in a customary Shabbat meal.

However, one corner of Tel Aviv that doesn’t alter much during Shabbat is Jaffa. This vibrant neighborhood is as lively on Friday evenings as any other day of the week. You can celebrate the start of the weekend with a family-friendly excursion of the magnificent Old Jaffa Port.


Friday-Night In Yafo


If you missed the Tel Aviv walking tour during the weekdays, then this unique Saturday walking tour of Tel Aviv offers the best way to explore the city during Shabbat. You’ll have ample time to discover the ancient Jaffa port and its 7,000 years of rich history before venturing into some of Tel Aviv’s hippest neighborhoods, such as Florentin, which boasts the city’s iconic street art.

Jaffa, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Saturdays in Israel offer an excellent chance to explore more of the country, but note that there is no public transportation available on this day. Therefore, it is an ideal time to embark on a guided day trip to one of Israel’s stunning natural and historical sites. You can customize your itinerary based on your preferences by choosing from any of these tours of Israel’s magnificent landmarks that commence from Tel Aviv.

This weekend, we suggest visiting Masada and the Dead Sea. On Shabbat, these sites are less crowded, allowing you to fully appreciate the stunning scenery. There are various tour packages available depending on your preferred itinerary and how early you want to start your day. Each tour includes pick-up and drop-off at a central location in Tel Aviv.


Masada Israel


While Tel Aviv weekends are typically about slowing down, why not make your vacation truly unforgettable by doing something completely different? Embark on a special adventure to Jordan for the weekend and become the envy of your Instagram followers! Within a few hours, you can reach the seventh wonder of the world, the lost city of Petra, and even stay overnight to experience the renowned Wadi Rum desert, also known as the Valley of the Moon. With pick-up and drop-off available every day from Tel Aviv, you’ll be back in time for Sunday brunch. Check out all the available options for Petra and Jordan tours this weekend and be spontaneous!


Petra Jordan


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